The People who make it all possible!

Sarkis Sarkissian

Chief Executive OfficerGemstone: Spinel
Loves: Biking with his boys

Tamar Kilijian

Chief Financial OfficerGemstone: Pink Spinel
Loves: Chocolate & Quiet

Giraux Sarkissian

FounderGemstone: Yellow Diamond
Loves: Retirement

Sue Sarkissian

Co-FounderGemstone: Diamond
Loves: Basketball & Napa

Armine M.

Senior Jewelry ConsultantGemstone: Ruby & Diamond
Loves: Flowers, Bluebloods & Travel

Skylar B.

Senior Jewelry ConsultantGemstone: Tanzanite & Padparadscha
Loves: Coffee & Wine

Serena P.

Senior Jewelry ConsultantGemstone: Diamond & Ruby
Loves: Traveling with Family & Experiencing Different Cultures

Zhanna H.

Senior Jewelry ConsultantGemstone: Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire
Loves: Cooking, Traveling and Spending Time with my Kids

Lisa W.

Senior Jewelry ConsultantGemstone: Diamond
Loves: Traveling & Warm Weather

Maurice M.

Data ManagerGemstone: Ruby & Spinel
Loves: Video Games, Horror Movies, and DnD

Karri O.

Office ManagerGemstone: Diamond

Tim C.

Master JewelerGemstone: Tsavorite & Emerald
Loves: Bowling & Ice Coffee

Tai C.

Master JewelerGemstone: Sapphire
Loves: Cooking & His kids