Our Warranty

At Giraux we take great care in manufacturing and offering products that can last a lifetime, and in many cases can be passed down as family heirlooms.

Every Giraux product comes with a warranty that protects from manufacturing defects. If you are experiencing issues with your jewelry item -this does not include diamonds, or gemstones- please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members. Manufacturing defects normally occur within the first year of use.

If an item is identified as having a defect by our jewelry design team, we will do our best to replace, or repair the item to your complete satisfaction, at no further cost to you.

If an item is damaged due to a mishap, misuse, or daily wear and tear, we will work with you to resolve the issue as cost effectively as possible. Your complete satisfaction is important to us.

Every Giraux product comes with a lifetime of cleaning and inspections. We will inspect your Giraux item and service it at no charge to you, twice a year. During this service, if your item is flagged as needing additional care, we will discuss your options and any charges with you before any work is performed. If you want a deeper cleaning or rhodium plating a small fee will apply. Shipping charges are not included in this service.

If any diamond or gemstone under 0.05ct falls out from normal wear and tear within two years of your purchase, it will be replaced at no charge to you. The maximum times we will replace a missing gemstone within the two year period is three times. This service is only available if there is no visible damage to the item.

All shipping and insurance charges for repair items are the responsibility of the client.

We are not responsible for repair or work done to non-Giraux products. We suggest having these items serviced where they were sold. We are also not responsible or liable for any damage caused to Giraux products by another jeweler.

Warranties do not apply to gemstones or pre-owned items. Pre-owned items are noted on our sales receipt as “Pre-owned”.

Please insure your valuables against unforeseen loss or theft.

With our promise, comes your responsibility and understanding on how to best care for your jewelry items.

Lifetime Inspection & Service

All items purchased from Giraux come with a lifetime cleaning and inspection service. We recommend you have your jewelry serviced once every 6 months.


One complimentary insurance appraisal is included with each new Giraux purchase with a value over $3,000.00. When submitted to an insurance company, a jewelry appraisal provides a fair market replacement cost for your valuables. This value accounts for a variety of market factors which affects the price of jewelry, and must factor in most possible scenarios if/ when the item must be replaced. Typically the appraisal price is higher than your actual purchase price.

Some insurance companies may allow you to use your actual sales receipt for the value of your submitted items. Since your premium may be based on the insurance value, it is to your benefit to understand your entire policy and consult with your insurance agent for the best way to insure your jewelry.

We recommend updating your appraisal every 3 to 5 years. Appraisals are not an offer to purchase an item. Giraux charges $100 for most appraisals.

Insurance Replacement Quote

Giraux offers a complimentary Insurance Replacement Quote (IRQ) for items that have been lost or stolen. You may request these through your sales associate, or directly through your insurance company.

An IRQ reflects the current market value or specific purchase price for an item that has been lost or stolen. Typically these quotes are good for one month from the date of the document.

Since your premium is based on the “appraised” value of your jewelry items, Giraux recommends you ask for the appraised value as the replacement price for your loss.

IRQ are not an offer to purchase an item.