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Fortunately, selecting a wedding ring is not as challenging as buying an engagement ring. Although there are many rings to choose from, we will include everything you need to know to make the right decision.


Traditionally, the engagement and the wedding bands are worn on the same finger with the wedding band first, closer to the heart.

Some women prefer the look of a matched set of engagement and wedding bands. These rings are designed fit together, each a perfect complement to the other. If you choose a unique wedding band check with your jeweler to be sure your diamonds will not rub against each other during wear.

A perfect enhancement to an engagement ring is a diamond wedding band. Whether set half-eternity or full-eternity with diamonds going all the way around, a diamond band can be worn alone or against an engagement ring.


Our customers are always surprised to see our selection of men's diamond wedding bands. So many to choose from!

Men's Wedding Bands have subtle details that can be changed to create the ideal wedding band. When choosing a wedding band, adjusting the width can change how comfortable the band is for you. You can also add small details such as milgrain, beveled edges, or a matte finish to make your ring your own.