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Diamond Studs have become a staple piece of jewelry in almost every women's wardrobe. Stud earrings make an excellent gift and will be worn for years to come. There are many considerations when it comes to choosing a pair of stud earrings for yourself, or a loved one.

Choosing a Shape

Most Stud Earrings are made using Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. This shape is the most popular, and sparkles beautifully. Stud Earrings can also be made using Princess Cut, Asscher, and Cushion Shape Diamonds. These shapes are less popular but still look beautiful when worn.

Choosing Diamonds

Most women go for size above clarity and color for diamond stud earrings. When wearing studs, it is hard to notice inclusions and lower color in the same way as you would in a diamond ring. We recommend you choose a color and clarity grading to find the best balance between diamond size within your budget. Giraux can also create a pair of Stud Earrings based on your specifications if you're looking for higher clarity, color, and even certification. All of our stud earrings are matched basked on color, clarity and size.

Choosing a Metal

White Gold is a great choice for Stud Earrings but depending on skin tone you may want a warmer metal. Warmer skin tones look great in Yellow and Rose Gold, while White Gold and Platinum look great with a cooler skin tone. If you have a metal allergy you will want to choose Platinum for its purity.

Choosing a Basket

A four-prong setting is the most popular choice for Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Studs. Having four prongs will make the earring look square, where a three prong will appear more triangular. A bezel setting is also a great choice if you'd like an alternative look for your stud earrings! When choosing a pair of studs take notice of the basket and pick a pair that will sit flush to your ear. Avoid a Martini shaped basket, as this will stick farther out from your earlobe and may lean forward. If you have larger earlobes also consider using a larger set of backings. A larger backing will help support your stud earring and it will look even better when worn!

Many Diamond Stud owners also choose to use Earring Jackets to increase the look of their earrings without buying another pair. Your diamond studs will fit right inside the jacket of your choice, and can always be removed for a more casual look.

Upgrading your Studs

Giraux Fine Jewelry offers a Diamond Upgrade Program for our Stud Earrings. The new earrings must be valued at 35% more than the trade-in pair. This does not include sales tax, shipping, or repair work. With our Upgrade Program you can start small, and work your way up to larger more brilliant studs!