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When it comes to Men's jewelry less is more. The jewelry you choose should add something to your wardrobe without looking over the top and out of place.

Every man should have a few tastefully chosen pieces that go well with one another and reflect your personal character and style. When choosing jewelry, the goal is to complete your outfit, not distract from it.


Besides the traditional wedding band, rings can serve an ornamental purpose that can enhance any ensemble. We recommend choosing sturdy and masculine designs, avoiding anything too delicate. The number of rings you choose to wear will depend on your personal style, but a maximum of two to three rings is recommended, and whenever possible match metals. If your watch has gold details, choose other jewelry in the same tone. Having more than one metal in your look can come off as confusing and busy.


When choosing a watch try to match the color of your existing jewelry if possible. If you have a yellow gold wedding band, choose a watch with yellow gold detailing. Make sure the style of your watch matches the outfit you're pairing it with. If you're in a suit, go for a watch that will compliment your outfit instead of clash.


Cufflinks are normally worn during formal occasions and require a shirt with French cuffs. Like other jewelry we recommend matching the metal of the cufflinks to any of your existing jewelry. Cufflinks are a great way to add fun and personality to your outfit, and many men choose to wear clever and unique designs such as subway tokens, animals, and scissors. If you want something more refined, go with an understated pair with onyx or even small diamonds.


Tie Bars can be a great accent piece to a formal look, even when worn with a jacket. We recommend choosing something versatile and subtle. When wearing your tie bar be sure to place it between the 3rd and 4th shirt button and choose a bar that has a width equal to half of your tie.


Not every man enjoys wearing bracelets, and if you do wear just one at a time. Choose a design that matches your other jewelry in tone and is understated without being too delicate. Avoid stacking too many designs together.


Necklaces may be considered a women's accessory, but with a longer and thicker chain they can become more masculine. Choose a minimal style necklace that can be worn even with a t-shirt. A metal chain with a simple pendant is a good choice for an everyday ensemble and will look great even when layered.


Earrings are one of the hardest pieces of jewelry for a man to wear successfully. Earrings can draw attention away from your look, so choose something simple and subtle if at all.