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To pledge a lifetime of love and devotion, the diamond engagement ring is the most precious and enduring of symbols. From the first diamond ring given to his intended by Archduke Maximillian of Hamburg in the 15th century, the diamond has remained a time-honored tradition to honor this commitment.

At Giraux Fine Jewelry, it is our pleasure to help you select a diamond engagement ring that will last a lifetime.


Giraux Fine Jewelry has thousands of engagement settings to chose from. We also offer custom design services if you would like a ring as unique as your love story.


This style of ring is the most traditional and popular engagement ring setting. A solitaire setting is a great choice when you are not sure about her tastes and would like to offer her a classic look which she may love, or trade-in for a setting of her choice. A four prong setting shows off more of the center diamond, while the six prong style provides a security advantage.

Diamond Engagement Ring

A setting with side diamonds or other gemstones complements the center diamond with additional sparkle or color. Proportion is key, select a ring with smaller gemstones to keep the focus on the center diamond.

Engagement Set

If she would prefer to wear a wedding band that is an exact match to the engagement ring, consider selecting an engagement set. Although most other designs do have complementary bands, she may prefer a matched set.


If you are going to surprise her and are not sure which style to choose, consider the following tips.

Take a look at her existing jewelry wardrobe. Is her jewelry yellow gold, white gold or platinum?

Does she prefer a more classic or modern look? Heavily engraved rings are extremely popular and evoke a sense of tradition, while rings with more modern, clean lines may be more her taste.

If you're still not sure, consider selecting a classic solitaire setting to present her with the diamond of your choice. During our 30 day return period, you can shop together and select the ring of her choice, trading in the solitaire setting for the full purchase price.