Concept to Design

Our highly-trained staff of sales professionals and jewelry designers will guide you through the design process, help select your gemstones, and make sure the design is within your budget.

Design and Implementation

Depending on the project, we may design your jewelry using innovative 3-D Modeling Software, and provide photorealistic renderings. A 3-D printed wax model is sometimes created for approval before we begin crafting your jewelry. At this stage we marry the newest techniques with old world metalsmithing. Die-striking and casting are just some of the methods used.

Gemstone Setting & Engraving

Our skilled team of master jewelers set each gemstone by hand; delivering the finishing touches that bring your jewelry to life. Our French pave and hand engraving is unparalleled in the industry.

Your Vision, Our Passion

Throughout this process, your design passes many experienced hands and trained eyes with the following goals in mind- your complete satisfaction and long term enjoyment!