Jewelry Appraisals & Insurance Replacement Quotes

Prices are subject to change

With every new purchase from Giraux over $2500, you will automatically receive a complimentary appraisal
to submit to your insurance provider to insure your jewelry item(s).

In order to reflect the current market value of your jewelry,
we recommend you review your appraisal every 3 years, and update if necessary.

For jewelry that was not purchased at Giraux, we offer in-house appraisal and gemological services.
These services include cleaning, inspection, photography, description, and valuation of your jewelry.
Limitations may apply on which items we can take in for this service.

For items that are lost or stolen, and claimed with your insurance company, we offer
Insurance Replacement Quotes to reflect the current market replacement for the specific items requested.

Appraisal for New Giraux Purchase
For items valued over $2500

Updated Appraisal for Giraux Item
Starting at $50 per item

Appraisal for Non-Giraux Item
Starting at $100 per item

Insurance Replacement Quotes
No charge if item is replaced through Giraux
Starting at $50 per item