At Giraux Fine Jewelry we take great care in understanding how our materials and products are sourced.

Since many of our items are manufactured on site in our San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York workshops, we have the ability to track our materials from start to finish when making our jewelry.

When we can, we use recycled gold, platinum, and palladium. All of our diamonds come from diamond manufacturers who are compliant with international and industry standards as it relates to conflict-free diamonds.

The natural color gemstone market is a broad market filled with smaller artisan cutters and distributors from all over the world. This market does not have as much international, industry, or government oversight as the diamond market. To this end, we do our best to work with reputable firms who hold our same values; who we feel are important in building an inclusive gemstone market where everyone benefits from the trade.

In order to offer some items at a better value, we have partnered with overseas jewelry manufacturers. We are in constant communication with these firms on how their materials are sourced, how their products are made, and what working conditions they adhere to in regards to their employees.

As a whole, the jewelry trade has come a long way in addressing many of the questions and concerns that have haunted the industry in the past. With that said, be wary of companies (especially on the internet) who use the term “guarantee” when it comes to conflict free diamonds and gemstones