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2012 Giraux wins 1st place in National Design Competition

2013 Giraux wins 3rd place in AGTA Design Competition


Fire and Gold
The San Francisco Story
By Charles A. Frocchia
From the Book of Business

Giraux Fine Jewelry Ltd. Is one of the leading wholesale fine jewelers and direct diamond importers in the Bay Area, a testimony to the successful partnership of Giraux and Serpoug "Sue" Sarkissian.
Both of Armenian descent, Giraux and Sue started selling jewelry as a young couple in Beirut, Lebanon in the late 1960s. I the early 1970s, they moved to Rhodesia where Giraux won great acclaim within the country's rich gem community as designer of the presidents' ceremonial chain and the Rhodesian Independence Bell. During a brief return to Lebanon, they lost everything in the Civil War there. Family and friends enticed them to the Golden State, and when they arrived in April 1977, they immediately felt at home.

Giraux first opened a small workshop in the Post Street jewelry district. Then, in November 1977, the couple opened the first fine jewelry showroom in San Francisco's Showplace. Soon they also opened a retail store on Sutter Street. They then recognized an opportunity to concentrate on their shared dream of a special approach to fine jewelry.
In 1983, they became pioneers in the new era of wholesale fine jewelry at the San Francisco GiftCenter and JewelryMart , occupying the first of their eventual three fine jewelry showrooms at that location, which are open to the public by appointment.

Giraux Fine Jewelry's reputation is built upon the closest relationship with their customers. In order to offer them the best values of the finest quality dazzling gems, the Sarkissians themselves travel to the gem capitals of Antwerp and Bangkok. They were among the first to introduce Americans to Tanzanite-a brilliant blue-violet gem they first saw while in Africa. Satisfied customers continually praise the "honesty, straight-forwardness, great knowledge, and patience" of the Giraux staff. The Giraux family of sales consultants now includes the Sarkissian sons and daughter-Sarkis and Tamar, both GIA certified gemologists, as well as their younger brother Zareh.

The Sarkissians understand that a love affair with jewelry is a life-long event. Their showrooms feature engagement and wedding sets, as well as distinctive rings, necklaces, and bracelets perfect for every anniversary and special occasion. Inspired by his love for Sue, Giraux continues to design masterpieces that are widely admired and emulated. He helps customers recognize the beauty of a gem and its setting, and educates them on their purchase. Sue inspires rapport with her customers that often blossom into lifelong friendships. Treating customers like family, they have earned a loyal clientele and a reputation for uncompromising quality and integrity.


National Jeweler
Celebrating 20 Years, in Style
By Carrie Soucy
Associate Editor
Vol. 42, No. 10, May 16, 1998 National Jeweler. A Miller Freeman Publication

San Francisco-One of the original occupants of the GiftCenter and JewelryMart here two decades ago is celebrating its anniversary with a year -long celebration.

At a gala party held recently, the founders of Giraux Fine Jewelry, Sue and Giraux Sarkissian, thanked the company's customers. The couple founded the company in 1977 after immigrating to the United States. Today, their three children are active in the family business.

"We feel we have a very loyal clientele and, in this business, you have to have people trust you, and that's the kind of business (my parents) have established," said their son, Sarkis Sarkissian, who serves as operations manager for the company. " We wanted to thank customers who have kept coming back and, basically, became a part of our family."

Giraux was the first fine jeweler to introduce diamonds to the GiftCenter and now occupies to major showrooms there. The company specializes in diamonds, especially large-size stones.
The jeweler is known for unique and sometimes extravagant designs. Echoing that theme in their jewelry, Giraux is also a sponsor of the American Basketball League's San Jose Lasers and the creator of the world's only 14-karat gold regulation-sized basketball.

During the next year, Giraux will be offering special promotions to customers, including a cruise and a customer referral program.